Work Program

Politus team of the Management Board at the Congress on 7 November 2006 a work program in 2006/07 with which we want to outline the main lines of work and to formulate a vision that will serve future generations.

The time in which we live is pushing students and students into a position where the study is understood only as a pre-preparation for later competitiveness in the market. In this manner, the study process is reduced only to the realm of the real world, characterized by accelerated individualization, the erosion of the public space, and increasingly pressing global problems that we can not and can no longer shut our eyes. But this is indeed the only possible world, all alternatives have already been exhausted and we are condemned to resolve contradictions within the framework of the existing system. We are sure not to!

That is why we believe that the time of education is still something else … This is and should always be the time of special respite. Responsibilities for the company we live in, and what important part we will soon become. It is for students to restrain the reality of the reality of the mirror, and even more diligently to draw attention to the problems that everyone else is eager to close their eyes. It hides the true duty and joy of student engagement. Be part of a group and an idea that does not really perceive reality as something we have been condemned, but above all something that can be changed and improved for the benefit of us all.


Concrete program of work:

Change of statute :
By doing so, we will gain new members from different directions and expand the range of ideas and members willing to help in society
With the changes, we will enable the reorganization of the work in the company, better define the obligations and more closely involve the members of the (co) operation.
(For more information on changes to the statutes, see STATUTE )

Further strengthening of cooperation with other societies from different directions at the faculty and outside.
In the past year, we have already cooperated with and FEJS. This year, however
We will at least invite Debate Drustvo and DŠKM to participate.

It will be important to improve cooperation with our IAPSS umbrella organization based in Ljubljana. For this purpose we are already negotiating for cooperation in various projects. We will also have to establish mutual obligations.

We want to continue with the organization of movie evenings . This year, we will extend last year’s cycle of sociocritical films to other areas (for example, historical drama), which could attract critically-minded students.

We want to organize even more social evenings and increase their visibility . This year’s first political party was very successful. We are negotiating for a new one in the same locale and then a larger one at the KMŠ.

Under the Politussi umbrella, in cooperation with the forum Thinker and DPU, the Marxist debate circle at the Peace Institute has already been successfully held . We have already been involved in some professors.

We want to organize the 5th traditional summer camp with a topic that is likely to be related to the topic of the reading circle. After a successful last year’s camp, the desire for a longer camp duration at last year’s location in Portorož is the desire.

We will update some obsolete Polituss websites and streamline internet access.

We also discuss the cooperation with the Brush Site . We have offered them a common, already existing forum Polituss. We are negotiating on the Polituss Corner on Brushes.

As part of international activities, an international exchange with the Netherlands begins on 14 November . For the following year, we are also negotiating with the Italian political association Roma 3 for the exchange between Rome and Ljubljana.

We want to start publishing a quality student magazine or continue with the collection Modern Times.

Organizing a set of lectures on various theoretical topics and what kind of roundtables on current topics.

After two years of stagnation in the recruitment of new members, this year’s desire is to acquire at least 150 new members , 60 of them already in the first month of this year’s academic year.

To this end, Polituss will have to be represented by lecture rooms , where the activities of the Society will best be presented and new members will be acquired (especially students and students of political science).

We need to re- establish cooperation with professors.

It is necessary to consider purchasing at least one computer , since the ones we have used so far are too outdated.

For the promotion, it is necessary to create a large number of t-shirts , which have been much talked about in the past years.

Sponsorship funds will come to us for all activities . Therefore, we are already negotiating the acquisition of sponsorship funds.

We will determine the place and time of regular weekly meetings of the Board of Directors and other interested m