Let us briefly introduce our society.

In January 2001, students and political science students were set up by the Student Politological Society Polituss in order to expel the gray from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Ever since, we have been trying to remain faithful to our basic vision, which is: Creating a critical environment that will enable an individual to take an active role in society.

Our mission is to encourage, support and promote activities, disseminate information, knowledge and encourage the exchange of students in the field of social sciences and humanities.

In the past years, we have already been carriers of various projects and we intend to implement them in the future.

Polituss strives for the development and expansion of the field of political theory and the revitalization and promotion of critical thought in the sphere of the public. The aim and fundamental mission of the society are to co-create a creative space that will enable students to play an active role in society, in cooperation with other societies, organizations, associations, and movements. In the framework of the Society, round tables, lecture symposia, and reading circles are held. The Society publishes the collection Modern Times and also participates in the international student journal Politikon.

Among the key goals of the society is the integration of students, the purpose of which is primarily to enable (younger) students the opportunity to actively participate and thereby strengthen contacts between different generations. In this context, we organize debate evenings, lectures, summer schools, film screenings and various entertainment evenings. Increasingly, we are also promoting cooperation with societies, associations, and organizations at our and other faculties, which brings us all new qualities in action. This year, together with other societies, this year, for the first time, we connected most of the active societies to the FDV and organized the first all-party entertainment of the Stephen of Insanity, which will take place every year. In the future, we intend to further integrate with the associations and form a joint all-important magazine, and before that, we will organize a joint picnic.

The table in the framework of international integration, we work with different societies and prepare international projects aimed at exchanging ideas among students from different countries, especially the EU and South-Eastern Europe. Activities in this field include international student exchange, professional excursion, working seminars, international congresses.

We work intensively with the international organization of political science students – IAPSS, which has its headquarters in Ljubljana. We also represent Slovenia at the annual conferences of this organization. By connecting and learning about different political cultures, we want to spread the horizons and thus create a tolerant and constructive atmosphere.

You can even get to know our projects more closely on the page. If you recognize yourself in these goals and values, it would be a great pleasure for us to be ready to co-shape the future with us and to participate in the projects that we intend to implement in the future. You can do the first step with a free and non-binding membership in our company.

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