This year’s summer camp with the title: Levica a little differently arose comments both from the radical (Rogovska) Left and from the radical right (Mag). The first ones were criticized for lack of radicality, while the other was the opposite. Below you can read the columns from the 39th Maga number and our answer.




All those who think that Karl Marx is not worth reading is wrong. The 72-year-old dr. Božidar Debenjak, who started his career at the Faculty of Philosophy shortly after the outbreak of the Jože Pučnik affair. While the hostile element was removed to safety, in prison, young philosophers could make sure that philosophy also took an active role in the construction of socialism.

Debenjak became a lecturer in the theory of reality already in 1962, could publish more than three hundred articles in the field of Margotology and the history of Marxism, and wrote works on Friedrich Engels, translated by Hegel and Marx and by glorious Roso Luxemburg. It is the latter, along with “Marx, who is allegedly abused by the re-socialist regimes, of which Rosa Luxemburg is already at the beginning of the 20th century. Said that they would get tired, “presented to the young students of the Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences and at the same time members of the Polituss Society. The Society was founded in 2001 with the aforementioned faculty; their yearly camp with the most eloquent address of Levica is a little different, but with the selection of invited lecturers and participants at the round table, he suggests that skillful manipulation deals with the apparent autonomy and political autonomy of the faculty. In addition to Debenjak, fifty young people could listen to me. Darija Zadnikar from the Faculty of Education, who also showed films about Argentine picketers, known for blockades of roads, which he apparently identified, in particular, six years ago when he is an Italian member of the Italian Embassy as an active member of the Office for Intervention, working within Metelkova City He rejected the Molotov. Fortunately, it did not enter, and the criticism of the Latin American neoliberal policy was then visited by the police, as his “rebel practice” was filmed by cameras of Italian security guards. Participant of the camp Andrej Pavlišič was probably too young at the time, otherwise he, together with Zadnikar, might have tried his theory of activism, according to which “radicality and creativity are a necessary condition for every activist policy”. For all those who do not know how it used to be, in the old times of socialism, since they were still in platelets at that time, Dr. Tanja Petrović. Her sentence is worth remembering: “Memories tell us more about the present than about the past.” What was the reaction of the members of Polituss to the theoretical offer of twelve speakers, it is not known, after examining the offered topics, we can judge that the materials they are choosing are active Party members of the LDS, the Zares Society and the Social Democrats participated in the writing. At the time of relaxation during the lecture, the donated gel for relaxation could be poured together and the soul was quenched by reading the free reprint of the communist manifesto in the comic. For six years now, an active society outside the summer camps can also provide for the restoration of our interesting, dialectical and historical materialism of the past. In addition to the Staghetto Insanity, the members prepare lectures and round tables where usually the same names of left-minded intellectuals usually occur. Only their order changes. The new company, new generation, old message: Count on us.




In the column Biserka Karneza Cerjak from the 39th issue of Maga, with the title
Activism, the author touched upon the work of Society Polituss and ob
It provided some inaccurate and incomplete information that required it

Fifth summer camp, where we treat each year
New topic in a slightly different way, we co-organized this year with
Cultural Association, which is not limited in the column. It’s explicit
It is necessary to emphasize that when preparing the materials for the summer camp we are not
Help in any (parliamentary) party, as it is mistaken
Written in the columns. In the company, we are constantly trying to think outside of the prism
Party capture and we want to warn of events with a critical one
Distance to all political actors. We also believe that it makes sense
From listening to the actions of individuals, for whom it is primarily responsible
Alone, to devote more important substantive questions.
With the title of this year’s summer camp, we wanted to make it clear that
We do not want to hide behind virtual academic neutrality and
Objectivity. Ironically, it is the latter today
Often an alibi for a marked bias. That’s why we took it clear
Position and want to become acquainted with the history of the Left and a wide range
Groups that are now on the left-wing political spectrum. We understand that
Due to our recent history, leftist politics and
Criticisms for many may be controversial. However, this does not change the fact that
Is our departure


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