Large Hadron Collider is a single large machine used in particle physics. The hadron collider is used in experiments to test the activity and behavior of particle physics.

The word hadron refers to particles combined of quarks held together by the strong force. Particles are held together by strong electromagnetic force and neutrons. Hadrons can be classified into mesons such as the pion and Keon. A lar4ge hadron collider is a type of a particle accelerator with two types of particles. Particles are accelerated in it to very high kinetic energies and are allowed to impact other particles. The results help to analyze the by products from the experiment. We can also deduce speed and behavior of the particles through this.


In Detail:

Inside the large hadron collider, two high-energy particle beams travel at a speed which is close to that of light. They are later made to collide. The high moving beams travel in opposite directions. They also travel in separate beam pipes. The tubes are kept at an ultra high vacuum. The beam is directed and guided by a strong ring shaped electromagnetic force. They help from preventing the beams from going off track. Thye electromagnets have no loss of energy from resistance since they are made out of super powerful and super conduction electric cables. For this crucial process, the magnets are chilled to   271.3°C. This –  temperature is colder than the temperature found in outer space keep the magnet cool the accelerator has a constant supply of liquid helium which is also used in other processes of the collider.

This lead four points collisions, the large hadron collider has were performed for short period seven detectors. Each detector has a unique thing or attributes to detect. Usually, proton beams are used but at times beams such as that of lead are used to.

Cosmic Rays:

Even though nature produces very high energy reactions through cosmic rays this collider is not any less. It can also produce very high energy collisions. Since such a huge amount of energy is produced from this collision safety is a big issue. If proper safety measurements are not taken it might turn out to be life risking. Proper security measure includes proper clothing for people around the collider and proper and strong material used for making the vessel.


Since cosmic rays produce the most powerful and high energy collisions this laboratory based hadron collider somewhat try to replicate it so that the cosmic rays can be studied well. Cosmic rays are more powerful. Well not all of them but most of them are more powerful than those produced in the Hadron Collider. Such type of collisions has been occurring outside earth for billions of years. Cosmic rays have been affecting stars and galaxies. This is why the earth is not new to this. Every second around hundred such natural reactions has been occurring in nature.


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