5th grade is an important stage in every child’s life. Science projects are very important too. Science projects help a child to learn and develop more skills and knowledge about science. But choosing the right science project for your child is very important. The project has to be both interesting and be beneficial for the study. Below are a few science projects that can be helpful:


1) How to Inflate a Balloon Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

What are the goals?

The goal of the project is to show the powerful reaction that happens when vinegar and baking soda is mixed. The balloon as a result of this powerful reaction blows up.

Materials required are Balloon, Small bottle, Small funnel, Baking soda, and Vinegar.

From the reaction carbon dioxide, chemical reaction, an endothermic reaction, and reactants should be observed.

Start with adding baking soda inside the balloon.

  1. Then pour vinegar in a jar.
  2. Fit the balloon in the jar
  3. Slowly allow the baking soda from the balloon to incorporate with the vinegar inside the jar
  4. Observe what happens to the balloon due to reactions.
  5. Record necessary things.
  6. Self-Inflating Balloons

Materials required are Test tube, Vinegar, Small balloon, Funnel and Teaspoon of baking soda.

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Place the tube straight with the help of test tube holder or clamps. Pour vinegar till half of the tube.
  2. Stretch the balloon just like you would while blowing it up.
  3. Use a funnel to help you fill the balloon up with baking soda. Also shake the balloon carefully to allow the baking soda to reach the bottom.
  4. While making sure none of the baking soda falls into the test tube stretch and attaches the balloon to the opening of the test tube.
  5. Now make sure that the soda from the balloon falls and mixes with the vinegar. If required shake gently to mix it.
  6. Now see the balloon inflating. Since vinegar and soda’s reaction is an acid base reaction carbonic acid is formed. Carbonic acid due to its instability decomposes into carbon dioxide.Also, water is produced. Since carbon dioxide is less than the stuff you had initially the balloon inflates.

3.Windmill Model Science Project:

Materials required are Construction paper, Cardstock, Printer paper, Plastic straws, String, Paperclip, Tape, Scissors, Glue, Wooden skewers and the Hole punch.

Procedure for this wonderful experiment is:

  1. First Cut out a square of many types of paper.
  2. Draw the diagonals on each of the paper.
  3. Use a punch and make a large hole in the center of the paper so that a straw fits there.
  4. Cut each line but keep a half inch gap from each hole.
  5. Bend each corner down from where the hole stops and stick it with glue. This is the sale of your windmill.
  6. Put a straw in the hole of the paper. This is the axis from which your windmill shall rotate.
  7. Now add a wooden skewer so that you get more free movement.

That’s pretty much a few very interesting projects that your kids will enjoy doing.

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